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The membership fees (determined by your newsletter preference) cover costs of the following: phone; website; postage; distribution of newsletters and directories; publication of materials; library; and other HACHE related activities. HACHE will not restrict membership based on inability to pay. HACHE does not mandate curriculum choices or the manner in which curriculum is administered. We do encourage all members to follow and adhere to MT laws governing home schooling.


Please list your children's first names and birth dates. This information will appear in our members’ directory. Members agree that they will NOT make this information public.

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HACHE members occasionally take pictures of students during home school functions and activities. These photos may be used in HACHE displays, brochures, website, etc.

I give permission for my photos to be included in such displays:


HACHE is an all-volunteer organization. Listed below are events and activities that may occur throughout the year. If you are interested in helping with one or more of these events please select any and all events of interest so we can get you in touch with the member in charge of said event. Please feel free to contact Steering Committee members or the newsletter editor with ideas for field trips and or other activities that may be enjoyed by all. (Not all of these events are specifically HACHE events, but rather events HACHE supported events our members have participated in and enjoyed in past years.)

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